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Company profile

  Is located in Liaoning Yingkou economic and Technological Development Zone (Bayuquan), the business carried out in 1984. After twenty-nine years of steady development, the group in order to optimize the corporate governance structure, strong capital strength, standardized operation, socialization of the brand image of enterprises, so that enterprises have got fast development, becomes the leading enterprise in architectural zone.
  SEA&STAR Construction Group Co., Ltd. since its establishment ,has realized the changing from a single to diversitymodel,and the business operations covering construction, estate development, production and marketing of wood products, hotel, tourism, property management, commodities trading, logistics and transport and other fields, is a modern enterprise group.SEA&STAR Construction Group Co., industry, its companies were Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd. of Liaoning the starfish Construction Group the Yingkou Starfish Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., the Yingkou starfish Wood Co., Ltd., Yingkou Hotel starfish Business Co., Ltd., Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone starfish property Management Co., Ltd., Seoul Trading Company, Yingkou, Yingkou starfish logistics Limited.
  SEA&STAR Construction Group Co., Ltd.,registered capital is one billion one thousand million,It is approved by the Chinese Ministry of Construction of housing construction one level of enterprise,it is the only one in this area。It also has the contractor qualifications:Metal doors and windows production and installation works; earth and stone works; lifting equipment installation works; steel structure engineering; decoration engineering, municipal engineering, etc.Follow the service, quality, cost of the product concept, we provide our customers the highest quality products and services.It passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification; ISO14001 environmental management system certification; GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification;It assessed as bidding "AAA grade credit units" in Liaoning。Excellent engineering quality and perfect service system become the preferred choice for the customers.
  SEA&STAR Construction Group Co., Ltd .has 728 all kinds of construction machinery and equipment.And nearly 23 international advanced automated processing equipment and tools sets.Make the industry as the objective,it is ongoing engineering technology innovation and management innovation,forming integrated development of a new mechanism,Actively building customer service ecological chainMeeting user needs of the construction market
  Doing things and treating people with sincerity ,knowing affaires deeply, practice what they preach,,Operating in good faith to win the market.To do a project, make a new friend,to establish the most trusted image in the hearts of the customers,to improve market share.Using quality and credibility to win the respect of customers.
  People-oriented science and technology at the head.The driving force of the development is the human beings,SEA&STAR Construction Group Co., Ltd .has the number of 1682 employees,including management personnel 218.uphold the concept of judging people by actions, talent first,jobbing a lot of talents.being good at training the employees in practice,to win sustained profitability by form professional team,to cultivate and foster a large number of outstanding professional and technical personnel and management personnel,Strive to create a "respect, communication, understanding, integration, the pursuit of" family.Gradually build up the pattern of national development.
  “Thinking change the world,servicing creates value.”SEA&STAR Construction Group Co., Ltd is willing to together with partners lead the industry forward to a higher level,to create greater product value for users,to create a more environmentally friendly More and more comfortable living space for people.


Tel:0417-6251997  Address: Part B of Green Industrial Park at Ba Yuquan Yingkou in Liaoning Province.