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Panjin Port Business Building

Date:2013-05-04 03:47  PV:3583



 By Liaoning SEA&STAR Construction Group Co., Ltd. Panjin Port Business Building, the construction of the project, is located in the Liaodong Bay, Panjin City, Liaoning Province northeast of the Liaohe Estuary Shuangtaizihekou between the economic Liaobin on the north side of the coastal road is acommercial, office, parking in an integrated office building. Panjin Port business building with a total gross floor area of 49,265.4 square meters, the building height of 63m. Panjin Port business building project, with a total of nearly 200 million yuan, is opening masterpiece Liaoning SEA&STAR Construction Group Co., Ltd. in 2013.
    Panjin Port Business Building Engineering, Panjin Port Construction Co., Ltd. and Liaoning SEA&STAR Construction Group Co., Ltd. Panjin Port Rongsing Minato auxiliary built area project successful cooperation, again Construction Group Co., Ltd. and Liaoning SEA&STAR in hand, to build a newworks. The second collaboration of the two companies, SEA&STAR, Liaoning Construction Group Co., Ltd. This project is also very great importance to every detail of the construction technology, staffing and construction process, the organization careful discretion. Responsible for the sixth project of the construction of this project, the approach soon, it will be the technology and the progress of every aspect of the construction process, form text hanging on the project manager's office. The Panjin port business building project from the start of construction on the use of more advanced construction methods. The construction of the A, B Basement Foundation Pit Support and precipitation, precipitation construction of deep well point dewatering. A total of 83 dewatering wells along the construction area surrounding five observation wells. Each port depth of 20 m, spacing between wells of 10 meters, microcomputer control water drainage centralized drainage system, automatic pumping system, precipitation require a total of 100 days. 20 days of precipitation on the construction site into the earth excavation stage. Foundation pit excavation depth of 5.9 meters, the slope supporting soil nail wall, pit grading 1:1, the slope support structure 10 cm thick hanging nets sprayed concrete, 9 rows of 6 m deep soil nails partial reinforcement area steel sheet pile retaining.
March 31, 2013, accompanied by the roar of firecrackers, Panjin Port business building project, started the construction of a 450-day. As of April 30, after a month of construction, Panjin Port Business Building Project Area A waterproof protective layer has been completed; cap and ground beam steel banding is 80% complete. Area B, part of the cross-sectional and Bored Piles has been completed; gravel and concrete cushion construction is completed; the floor waterproof completed 20%. 
Panjin Port Business Building Engineering, Liaoning SEA&STAR Construction Group Co., Ltd. under the leadership of general manager, the staff of the joint collaboration, under the guidance of the advanced technology, will become yet another masterpiece of Liaoning SEA&STAR Construction Group.


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