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Xianrendao Project

Date:2013-05-04 03:58  PV:2075





Building energy base in the sand on the ground
  — Xianrendao Energy area project...
   In the Xianrendao energy area construction project department, responsible for 60 million tons of electrode coke civil engineering infrastructure Liaoning of green Guofong clean fuel Limited, a circular tank base construction in a sandfor the national energy industry to contribute
     The first project department from March 15, 2013 the construction period, until April 21, 60 million tons of electrode coke device configuration, configuration and structure 5 foundation platform of reinforced banding has been completed; 60 tonsthe focus electrode structure foundation raft concrete pouring be completed; The 30 tons of hydrogenation unit structure and steel banding E101AB/102AB has been completed; the the coke storage pool has also begun wells. Is expected by April 30 Japan month construction node, 60 million tons of electrode coke device configuration on the basis of anti-beams and the shaft wall concrete pouring completed; 60 million tons of electrode coke device structure, structure, structure foundation platform concrete pouring all over; coke storage pool precipitation jobs; coke storage pool earthwork excavation construction; 30 tons of hydrogenation unit began pouring concrete.
     The first project in 2012, began to undertake the first phase of the project of Liaoning green Guofeng Clean Fuels Limited -120 million tons / year of electrode coke and its supporting projects. This lush middle of the corn started a new work, fairy Island Energy Linhai plains when mining in infrastructure, the sea breeze original along for the ride, roll up the sand in front of people not see, there is no difference and desert . Workers in the sand uncomplaining dedication.
     In the first phase is not over, the Employer renew the contract of the two partnerships. This is the fruit of the trust. SEA&STAR Construction Group Co., Ltd. with the strength and quality again conquered partners, to promote the development of enterprises.


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